Founder & startup team training

Building resilient, high-performing startup leaders

Fuel for the mind

Build the knowledge base to be effective, resilient startup leaders with our workshops

To be an effective startup leader – that can survive a pivot, lead a team, manage stakeholders, and inspire action – we need to focus not just on business skills, but also on leadership skills. 

Just like pro-athletes we need to build our skill armoury to be able to perform at our optimum in uncertain environments, and be able to grow our capabilities to match the growth of the business. It requires resilience, awareness and focus, and our founder and team training is designed to do just that.

Solutions for startup teams

Build the knowledge and skills to navigate growth and develop an effective, high-performing startup team in your business

As a startup grows, the team grows and that moves the goal-post when it comes to decision-making, communication and culture. By working together as a team in our workshops we build understanding , improve open communication and form a scalable and motivated culture; leaving every member of the team empowered to do their best, leading to a truly high-performing startup team.

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Startup team dynamics

Understanding personality types & strengths for effective teams

Startup team communications

Unlocking effective communication, feedback and conflict resolution

High-performing team leadership

Building advanced EQ skills to lead a highly empowered startup team

Entrepreneur resilience

Failure and how we can bounce forward with a positive perspective

Entrepreneur wellbeing

The science behind performance and how to perform under pressure

Entrepreneur performance

Goals and accountability for team focus and productivity

Solutions for founder cohorts

Fuel the entrepreneurs in your accelerator or incubator cohort with the training to become effective, high-performing startup leaders

Our founder-performance programme plugs in the human-side of entrepreneurship with a curriculum of highly interactive content delivered by expert entrepreneur-focused trainers. Our mission is to empower founders with the knowledge and mindset to get the best from themselves and those around them in their startup teams.