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Entrepreneurship demands our A-Game every day, in every way, so let’s learn how.

To be an effective entrepreneur – one that can survive a pivot, lead a team, manage stakeholders, and raise money – we need to be effective and resilient leaders. Yet, we’re not born like that. It is a personal skill-set that needs to be honed. Big corporate firms have invested in building these skills in their senior leaders for decades; but in our riskier, JFDI environments where we just have to get sh!t done it gets forgotten. Until now.
Performing at our optimum as business leaders require resilience, awareness and focus. Just like pro-athletes we need to build our skill armoury to be able to perform again and again in uncertain environments. Our training is designed to do just that so that you can get the best out of yourself, and those around you and can thrive, not just survive, as a founder.

A founder’s toolkit

Our practical, action-oriented training focuses on the complex and often multifaceted soft-skills we need to thrive in a practical positive way:

Motivation & the role of purpose and goal setting;

Productivity and effectiveness in the digitally connected world;

The science behind performance and how to perform under pressure;

Understanding personality types & team understanding;

Unlocking effective communication and Influencing others;

Failure and how we can bounce forward with a positive perspective;

Coaching skills to get the best out of yourself and others.

A face-to-face session... yes it does take a bit more time, but it’s what makes all the difference

The most valuable advisory board you’ll ever have

The group just gets stronger and stronger over time

It's so motivating. It’s like having a personal coach and your own cheer-leading squad

Having friends who've been there. Priceless

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