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TeamCircles are a company-wide coaching experience designed to inspire professional development across your team in an accessible, high impact way. Using a group-coaching approach, designed specifically for teams, we’re tapping into one of our strongest human motives – which is to grow – and using it to help your startup team perform.

Motivated people perform better, contribute more and stay for longer; and helping people develop and grow in one of the three critical ingredients that fuels motivation – so the business case for investing in your people is clear.

The TeamCircles approach takes an alternative, and cost-effective, approach to this people development: From the CEO, through to the most junior team members, we take a diagonally-sliced cohort of up to 10 people from all levels and backgrounds across your business. Over the course of four months, through facilitated group-coaching, supported by one-on-one coaching, your team gets to grow together – identifying, sharing and developing personal development goals that they each set. And as a result of the coaching skills learned and discussions in your TeamCircles this approach also feeds team trust and autonomy too.

Grow individually

From the CEO down, each person develops, shares and works on their One Big Thing – the individual development goal that excites them – gaining support and feedback from team mates.

Grow together

Thanks to the diagonal slide we take for your group-coaching, everyone gets to listen, hear and understand the feelings and perspectives of team mates – which fuels feedback and positive improvements.

Build psychological safety

Supported by our experienced startup-coaches the co-created developmental experience encourages team openness and vulnerability, which supports team trust and performance.

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Package pricing for TeamCircles professional development

The package that is right for you will depend on your team size and what you’d like to achieve. Book an initial call with us to explore more.



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For TeamCircles with a kick-start package of three sessions per person


+ VAT per person

For TeamCircles with the full six-session coaching package per person

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