Team coaching

for startup & scaleup leadership teams

Fuel for your leadership team

Unlock your team potential to meet the demands of your scaling journey

Being responsible for leading a fast-moving startup is a unique journey – one paved with exhilarating highs, challenging growing-pains and a very steep leadership learning curve. Never is this more true than as the team starts to scale, particularly when faced with ambitious targets.

To thrive on this journey, each and every member of the leadership team needs to scale their own skills at pace, to match the demands of a scaling company. At the same time, the leadership team needs to develop and adjust as a unit too. Without growing together, it’s easy to find yourselves growing apart.

Our team coaching galvanizes the team around effective team behaviours – building on what is working and listening to what is not – in pursuit of shared goals. It creates alignment and new ways of working that drives positive performance changes and supports you in embedding changes effectively during the day-to-day, so that collectively you can drive towards your full potential as a high-performing startup team.

team potential

Uncover a deep understanding of what is working and what is not with our health-check, so that we can collaboratively see where the performance potential is in your team

Align behind a
high-performance plan

Have the difficult conversations in a safe coaching space with us about what will make a positive difference to the business, and design a plan together to make it happen

Embed high-performance behaviours

Stay accountable to each other and continue to develop as a team through regular performance discussions that keep communications flowing and psychological safety high

"No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you're playing a solo game, you'll always lose out to a team"       


Reid Hoffman


more likely to achieve above-average financial performance with a cohesive leadership team


boost in productivity where leaders are demonstrating the behaviours of a high-performing team

What's included

What happens next...


Chat to us

We want to learn more about you and you’ll want to suss us out. Arrange a quick call below so that we can all do just that, and we’ll get to the bottom of what you want to achieve. 


Craft a plan

Based on your requirements and budget we’ll design a team coaching plan bespoke to you and your team, and you can meet the team that you’ll be working with too.


Kick start coaching

Once we’re clear on the plan we can get started with your whole leadership team and have the kick-off team coaching session where we understand your values and objectives.

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more about how it works, what we do, or how this has helped other founders? Let’s do a call and we can chat all about it. It’s a great way for us to get to know you too.