From an idea to help people learn, with university friends in 2012, to the first 100 downloads and on to Series A, B, C and acquisition in 2023, Holger Seim has navigated the transition from co-founder to CEO and now CPO at Go1 post-acquisition. 

Always true to their mission of helping people to never stop learning, Holger will share his personal journey and experience from trying to establish PMF to spearheading a global trend of micro-learning and all the successes and mistakes they made along the way.

Blinkest has become a formidable business and a household name; 

  • Acquiring over 31m subscribers

  • Expanding into B2B Saas in response to market demand

  • Using AI to effectively complement the human element of the product

  • Developed a company culture that has effectively navigated the scaling journey

  • Raising over $35m in investment from Series A, B & C to an acquisition in 2023