Alex Partridge – World Champion three times over and holder of two Olympic medals in rowing for Great Britain

During a 14 year career in the Great British rowing team, Alex was crowned World Champion three times and stood on the Olympic medal podium in both 2008 and 2012. He is now part of scaleup Wagestream (that just successfully raised a £20m Series-B during the pandemic) so has a unique perspective on the link between elite performance in sport and in business. Having joined when there was 25 in the team, he’s seen first hand the startup to scaleup journey, and what it takes to fuel a high-performing team.

Alex will be in conversation with weare3Sixty founder Christina, where they’ll be exploring:

  • What it takes to perform consistently over time
  • How to pick yourself up after a tough day and come back stronger
  • The impact of purpose, perspectives and a pat on the back
  • The building blocks of a high-performing team

This event took place on Zoom, you can watch the live recording here


More about Alex

Alex Partridge was a member of the British Rowing team for 14 years and going into the London 2012 Games he was one of the highest achieving medallist in British rowing.  Alex has first-hand experience of what it is like to compete under the most extreme pressures, but also what support infrastructure is needed to deliver that ultimate performance, not just on the day but over the 4 years of an Olympic cycle.

Throughout his rowing career, Alex was one of the four that became unbeatable through 2005 and 2006 – winning one World Cup event after another, culminating in winning the World Championships again on home turf in the UK in 2006. This was all after recovering from a collapsed lung in 2004 that pulled him out of the Athens Olympics.

After rowing in the Four, Alex moved into the Eight in to win a Silver medal at the Bejjing Olympics in 2008 and then again to take a close-fought Bronze medal at London 2012.

After life at the highest level in Olympic sport Alex found the transition from the highly curated life of an Olympic athlete to normal everyday working life a very difficult journey.  His journey to where he is today marks the remarkable story of someone who in the last 10 years since leaving sport, has learnt to navigate the beast which is the corporate world and the importance of good employee financial wellbeing in its overall success. Alex is now passionate about the wellbeing agenda and for sharing his story of transitioning from Olympian to everyday employee. He believes that if you can improve people’s financial wellbeing by improving financial behaviour first, the other elements of wellbeing are much easier to achieve. And he works towards this mission with Wagestream.

With Alex, we’ll be exploring what it takes mentally to medal at the Olympics, how performance requires a 360 degree perspective and what we can learn from the winning formula of the UK’s most successful sports.