We embark on founder research that step-changes our understanding of founder health in the startup ecosystem and how it underpins sustainable human and business performance

Founders are the most important asset in a startup. We believe in fuelling these humans to reach their full potential and, one project at a time, our research maps out the challenges and builds practical recommendations for founders now and in the future.

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The UK Entrepreneur Pressure & Wellbeing Report 2019

The inaugural UK research into founder stress and pressure that kick started awareness and action throughout the startup ecosystem

Founders not Superheroes: The case for fuelling founder resilience

A deep dive into founder resilience to pave the way for fuelling founders across all stages of the entrepreneurial journey

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Created to fuel the humans behind the UK’s startups and scaleups, weare3Sixty’s mission is to ensure every founder in the startup ecosystem has the support and skills to thrive as startup leaders. Now hundreds of founders are in the FounderFuel family, where they unite every month in safe group-coaching FounderCircles to work through their latest challenge and learn from each other. Ultimately, it’s about being able to make faster, more informed decisions, with a healthy boost of confidence and resilience along the way. If you’re a founders and that sounds like the kind of family you need, join in…

Be part of future research and solution-building

This report is just the start. We welcome your participation and call on the entire startup ecosystem to join us in building a better understanding and more collaborative environment to enable entrepreneurs to perform to their highest potential.

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