A Special Report on founder-wellbeing was released today by Courier Magazine, and will be featured both online and in-print. Working with Senior Reporter Sarah Drumm from the very inception of this deep-dive report we were able to provide exclusive early-release results from our Entrepreneur Pressure and Wellbeing Study, as well as shed light on the weare3Sixty mission to help founders be their best, most effective selves. Get a taster below: The scale of the problem More people than

  The weare3Sixty team are so proud to be featured in The Sunday Times today in a piece by Peter Evans that shines a much-needed light on entrepreneur pressure and stress. It includes early-release results from our 2019 Entrepreneur Pressure and Wellbeing Study and introduces the new Mindful Investor initiative being led by weare3Sixty friend and partner Guy Tolhurst. Some 77% of founders feel that running a business affects their mental health, according to research by weare3sixty.org,

    The City LaunchLab startup incubator is a hot-bed of entrepreneur talent from past and present Cass Business School and City University students, and they are forward-thinking when it comes to founder-wellbeing. Each year they do a Frazzled-Founder week where the health and wellbeing of the people in the Lab are championed. It includes visits from puppies, massages and yoga; and this year, our co-founder Christina was invited along to do a fire-side chat on the