How are you shoring up? At a time when everything feels disrupted and unsettled, it’s so important we take a moment to ask each other that, and make the time to listen to the real answer. For the good of ourselves, our teams, and our businesses. Put YOUR oxygen mask on first… In these strange times we have to increasingly isolate ourselves, yet this is when we need our communities the most. In the weeks ahead we will need to

  Whether you buy into resolutions or not (I don’t, I prefer reflections and refocusing) it’s likely that January unearthed something you wanted to change or improve upon. As entrepreneurs we forever see opportunities for optimisation and our personal development certainly falls into that camp too – whether it’s sleeping more, eating healthier, getting to the gym, or snapping at your team less. But as we slide into a blustery February the gap between want and

Is it just me or do these first few days after the festive break feel a little turbulent? Gone is that pre-Christmas trend of random strangers smiling in the street; the brain is still in a slow gear and, if you’re anything like me, there is a looming sense of overwhelm at the to-do list that I managed to successfully ignore over the Christmas down-time. And that’s before we get lost in the zeitgeist of resolutions that urge us to be

“If I can just get this one last thing finished” “I must just get through these emails” “I should just get this out the door” How many times can you hear yourself thinking one of these, or similar, as you speed towards the holiday period? Driven by that little hit of dopamine we get when we tick something off the to-do list we just keep on doing that one last thing and, for many, never quite end up switching off for the

When asked what the most important skill or characteristic as an entrepreneur is, the standout winner was Resilience - with 92% of founders selecting it over problem-solving, motivation and even communication. But if it’s so important on the rollercoaster of startup life, what exactly is it and how do we build more of it for the ride? Resilience is widely recognised as a critical successful factor in mental health circles, but now researchers, managers and leaders

  Did you hear about the recent epidemic spreading through our startup ecosystem? It’s loneliness. Yes, loneliness. Even in this buzzing, world-leading ecosystem we’re in, 85% of entrepreneurs feel lonely on the rollercoaster journey we’re all on (Entrepreneur Pressure and Wellbeing Study). Founders are feeling overwhelmed, under-pressure and it hits personally - but no-one is talking about it. As a result, everyone thinks they’re the only one. Let’s sort that right now. You are NOT alone. Ironically it is the

So what went well for you today? Running a session recently with founders at Connect Ventures we got onto the topic of saying “Well done” to ourselves – or rather, the lack of it. When we’re in jobs there is usually someone more senior to say “hey, good job” or “you did well on that project”. But as founders – when we’re steering the ship, leading the team and getting stuck in – there isn’t a

    When founders succeed, startups succeed and we all win   Entrepreneurs and SME founders are often celebrated as UK growth-heroes - where the intrepid entrepreneur risks it all, with a drive to make a difference and the promise of financial reward at the end. Success is championed in magazines, on stages and all over social media, fuelling a glossy, heroic image of entrepreneurship. But behind the gloss lies a very different reality. As demonstrated by the results

  Co-founder Christina was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph this week to offer advice to small-business owners so that they can keep on top of the stress and overwhelm of being an entrepreneur, and ultimately avoid burnout. Business journalist Matt Caines wrote of their discussion: "On a day-to-day level, owners must get on top of their “monstrous” to-do lists, says Christina Richardson of weare3Sixty, an entrepreneur training and [coaching] firm. “Time is a fixed resource, so the

  The weare3Sixty 2019 Entrepreneur Pressure and Wellbeing Study was included in a piece in the City AM this morning that introduces the new Mindful Investor initiative being led by weare3Sixty partner Guy Tolhurst. Over half of founders have suffered anxiety or panic attacks and nearly seven in ten report sleep problems, according to   The survey data has proven instrumental in the mission to formulate the CHECK framework upon which Mindful Investor is based, and we look