As we all navigate the remote-hybrid-office conundrum and embrace flexibility in our work routine, it’s easy for misunderstandings to occur and frustrations to go unresolved. User-guides can help smooth the communication and collaboration between us and help us all find a new routine to do our best work, remaining healthy and sustainable in the process. As part of recent startup team training and coaching, we’ve been utilising user-guides - where individuals create an introduction to themselves

“I want to get it right, and I want everyone to enjoy their job” Bek, COO at Riverlane That is the overriding sentiment when it comes to this challenging topic of Office-Remote-Hybrid work – and it comes with a burdensome weight of responsibility as a startup leader. It’s been a hot topic for so many of our founders recently, so we hosted a dedicated Scaleup Session conversation just on that, getting founders together from across our FounderCircles

When was the last time you told someone in your team they did something well? Did you make it specific what they did well too, so they can learn from it? We’re not talking about praise for praise’s sake here - most people can see right through that. But positive feedback is proven to improve motivation, team performance and is an under-utilised asset in encouraging the team behaviours that you want. Positive praise boosts performance Gallup ran

As entrepreneurs we often find ourselves in the role of leader by default. We set out with a business vision in mind, inspire people to join us and on the journey we inevitably inherit this role as the team grows. The question then becomes, what kind of leader do you want to be, and what will get the best out of your team? Do you even identify with the term leader? Often the idea of a

  As founders, we’ve probably all sat down at some point and written a list of values for our ventures, but are these values effectively driving the team culture? Values at their best are about shaping how team members work together; they are about behaviours, and they can be a powerful rallying call for a scaling team. The idea of culture is often held up as some magical force in a business - one that is hard

How can we form teams that can really deliver under pressure? How can we deal with uncertainty as founders to lead the team when it really matters? What team behaviours drive a team to be truly effective? And… What do you do if you and your small team were in the middle of the Pacific, unsupported and you discover a fire in the boat? These questions and many more were explored with world-record holder Laura Penhaul

It takes a special kind of resilience to be an entrepreneur – we all know running a startup is a marathon, not a sprint – so we need to make sure it stays topped up to go the distance. This little habit is all about doing just that. Resilience was rated by founders as the most important skill or characteristic needed as an entrepreneur, with 92% of founders selecting it over problem-solving, motivation and even communication

Time is a fixed resource, which makes your time as a founder a precious asset. Through this lens, perhaps our most important job is to define which priorities get our time and focus. Once we’ve done that we can make time for these priorities. That’s what our Big Rocks FounderFuel habit is all about. It’s not easy though… This ruthless focus is a particularly tough ask of entrepreneurs. More often than not, we’re wearing multiple hats

As an entrepreneur there is always more that we could do. How many times can you hear yourself thinking “If I can just get this finished” or “I should just do this one last thing” at the end of your day or week? Maybe it’s the craving to achieve just a bit more and get that hit of dopamine for ticking something else off the list. Or perhaps it’s that misplaced sense of guilt that

Do some of your team start to get really uncomfortable when you start changing their plans? Or others start twitching when you are trying to agree to deadlines? This is the conundrum of the Judger and Perceiver personality traits, and it could well be having an impact on your project deliverables and team dynamics.  It turns out that whether we plan every detail of a holiday, or just love to go with the flow, it has