Mediation support

for founders & startup teams

Break out of conflict to allow your startup to thrive

De-escalate conflict before it spirals. Saving you stress, time and money

Conflict is one of the main energy drainers in a team: Left unchecked it results in a loss of productivity, an unhappy team culture, poor employee wellbeing, and has the potential to end in financially damaging, as well as legal, situations.

According to ACAS, workplace conflict costs employers £30bn a year, with as much as 20% of management time spent on managing conflict. Anecdotally we would say it is more – especially in scaling startup teams.

The issues can range from co-founder disputes over roles, communication styles and strategy, to team members whose disagreements are impacting performance and collaboration, to board-level disputes which are threatening the entire vision and momentum. 

We can help you turn disputes into a window of opportunity for change and to reach a practical and productive resolution.

Airing issues safely and effectively

We support those involved in the conflict to understand their individual perspective and the impact on them in a safe confidential space – leading to greater clarity and the ability to see the problem more objectively, which lays the foundations for forward-looking change.

Towards an actionable agreement

We facilitate a group conversation to help those involved to reach their own resolution quickly and effectively – shifting away from the status quo and conflicted relational dynamic – towards a plan that brings relief and benefit for the whole business.

With an accredited mediator

Delivered by an accredited mediator, using proven skills and processes to allow each party to speak and express themselves in a calm, neutral and completely confidential space – it is a structured process which brings a sense of clarity when things feel very messy.

What's included

Package pricing

The package that is right for you will depend on your situation. Book an initial call with us to explore more.

We also offer workshops on how to handle conflict better and can help create effective conflict resolution systems for the whole team too.


per person + VAT

For a simple intervention, including a half-day mediation


per person + VAT

For more complex conflicts, including a full-day mediation

How it works


Set up call

Arrange a complementary call with us so that we can understand the situation and discuss a proposed approach


Individual sessions

Confidential calls with each party in the dispute to hear their perspective and to coach them on the joint meeting


Joint sessions

Full or half day session to bring the parties together, air the issues and work towards a resolution

Find out more

To discuss your unique situation and explore different approaches to reaching an effective resolution schedule a call with our accredited mediator Sanja