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We all know it. Leading a scaling startup can be one heck of a rollercoaster journey, filled with exhilarating highs and anxiety-inducing lows. Yet eight out of ten founders still feel alone on that rollercoaster, feeling like they’re the only one.

We don’t accept this status-quo. It doesn’t result in optimum performance for ourselves or our businesses. That’s why we created FounderCircles®. When you join a FounderCircle® you are joining an ambitious family of founders who believe in a different way. A way that fuels you every month with group-coaching alongside your dedicated group of founders and your startup coach,  supporting each other and learning from each other in a safe coaching space.

Scaling you as you scale your business,
surrounded and supported by other top founders

The FounderCircle® family is for ambitious founders who are scaling up and want to grow as startup leaders. We combine a talented founder community and our FounderCircle® group-coaching to help you and your team thrive.

Tackle every challenge with your FounderCircle®

Meet monthly for your FounderCircle® group-coaching with your dedicated group of founders to crack live challenges and swap knowledge to help you achieve your goals

Accelerate personal growth with our founder coaches

Our founder coaches will be on hand for deep-dives on key topics and be available to book for one-to-one founder coaching via the Hub too

Get ahead & avoid scaling pitfalls with shared learning

Join the member-only ScaleUp Sessions for deep-dive discussions with experts, coaches and other exceptional founders on key topics relating to scaling you and your team

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FounderCircle® membership explained
FounderCircle® group-coaching...

FounderCircle coaching-groups sit at the core of the community. They’re all about fuelling you, the founder behind the business. There’s no bravado or egos here, just a safe confidential space with your supportive fellow founders and a founder coach. We use the power of the group to crack through big challenges and boost skills, shared learning and confidence along the way.

Designed to support your growth while you’re growing your startup

Plus extra member benefits...

The ScaleUp Sessions

We bring founders together from across our Circle family for conversations on hot topics that come up when scaling a team, so you can hear how other talented founders approached similar challenges  


Sometimes you just need to work through a challenge one-to-one with a coach! Exclusively for members, FounderSOS lets you book a slot via the Hub. No contracts or packages – just book when you need it

The Hub toolkit

The Hub is filled with a whole library of Scaleup Sessions and your startup leadership Toolkit with frameworks and worksheets for optimising yourself as a startup leader and supporting your team

Got questions?

Want to find out more about how it works, what we do, or how to get into the next Founder Circle® cohort? Let’s do a call and we can chat all about it. It’s a great way for us to get to know you too.

Join the FounderCircle family

Apply for the next cohort of FounderCircles®

We do two intakes a year and curation is key for our FounderCircles® to be effective, so we carefully match founders into groups who are non-competing, at similar business-stages and have aligned ambitions.

To find out more and be invited to join a suitable FounderCircle® apply below. As soon as we’re curating a group to suit you and your business stage we’ll be in touch to get to know you better.

How it works

We have two new FounderCircle cohorts a year – one in Spring and one in Autumn – from each one we curate founders into Circles of 6-10 people. We kick off with a FounderCircle® skills training to develop your coaching skills as a leader. This sets you up for your group-coaching and is a powerful skill to take back to your team too.



Curation is key for the success of a Circle. We look to create groups with founders of a similar business stage, in non-competing sectors, with aligned ambitions. That way the challenges and experiences shared are most valuable to everyone involved.



The Circle programme kicks off with content discussions designed to develop your coaching skills and boost knowledge as a startup leader. Learning content is shared in advance via the Hub so that we can dive straight in together in the sessions.



The hero of each Circle is the peer-power problem-solving. Facilitated by your founder-coach, the group explores challenges and crowd-sources solutions for founders using our PSP Sprint group-coaching method.






Frequently Asked Questions

We carefully curate our Circle groups to match founders at similar stages and with aligned ambitions – this way we find that challenges and experiences are most valuable to everyone involved. Curation also involves avoiding competitive clashes, and (usually) separating co-founders too.

Being part of a FounderCircle group means dedicating time to be part of the monthly group-coaching – that way you and your fellow founders get the most value from the experience. We know time is tight for you, so each monthly group coaching is an intensive 2 hour session. It is the same time slot each month, and it should only be by exception that you don’t attend. 

You also wouldn’t want to miss out on the Scale-up Sessions either – exclusively for FounderCircle members these are usually monthly and we dive into key themes and topics affecting founders on the startup leadership journey.

For each cohort we invite founders to join and at this time outline the FounderCircle group-coaching monthly time slot. 

We totally understand that it’s all about the experience with FounderCircles and we want to make sure you’re loving your experience. We encourage everyone to commit to a minimum of 3 months because that way you get to experience the power of the group properly, and in reality most of our groups stay together for the long term.

If you really think it’s not for you after the first session, then talk to us and we’ll either help you transition to a different group or honour a right to cancel. That said, across all of our Circles and all of our founders, that’s only every happened once, so we’re pretty sure you’ll want to stick around!