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We all know it. Leading a startup can be one heck of a journey, filled with exhilarating highs and anxiety-inducing lows. Every single day brings a new challenge, yet eight out of ten founders believe they’re the only one having challenges, and that makes for a lonely ride.

We don’t accept this status-quo. It doesn’t result in optimum performance for ourselves or our businesses. That’s why we created FounderCircles® and the FounderFamily. Join us and you’ll find an ambitious family of founders who believe in a different way. A way that fuels you every month with shared learning, compassion and support. Giving you the insider knowledge and confidence to know the way forward every day. 

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We combine a talented founder community, expert founder-coaches and our FounderCircle® group-coaching to help you and your team thrive on the startup to scaleup journey.

Tackle every challenge with your FounderCircle®

WIth FounderCircle® membership, access monthly group-coaching with your dedicated group of founders to crack live challenges and swap knowledge to help you achieve your goals

Get ahead & avoid the pitfalls with shared learning

Join the member-only ScaleUp Sessions for deep-dive conversations on the hot topics affecting you all, so that you can hear how other talented founders have approached similar challenges

Tap into expert coaching support just when you need it

Sometimes you just need to work through a challenge one-to-one. Exclusively for members, FounderSOS lets you book a session with our experienced founder-coach team. No contracts or packages - just book in. 

Fuel your learning journey as a startup leader

Join expert speaker events and access the online FounderHub - filled with a library of Scaleup Sessions and your startup leadership Toolkit for optimising yourself as a startup leader and supporting your team

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£ 10 per month, paid annually
  • All the benefits of being in the family without the commitment of monthly FounderCircle group-coaching
  • Monthly founder-only Scaleup Sessions
  • Access to FounderSOS
  • FounderHub startup leadership tools
  • Monthly FounderFuel in your inbox


£ 137 per month
  • The group-coaching level of membership designed to scale you while you scale your startup, surrounded and supported by other top founders
  • Group-coaching every month
  • Quarterly catchups with your founder-coach
  • Exclusive FounderDinners
  • Plus all FounderFamily benefits
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£ 97 per leader, per month
  • Fuel your whole C-Suite team with the connections, knowledge and coaching specific to the startup-to-scaleup journey
  • Monthly Coaching Circles
  • Quarterly coach catchups for each exec team member
  • Exclusive startup-to-scaleup dinners

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Our community

The Manifesto

This family exist to fuel the founders on this rollercoaster startup-to-scaleup journey that we bravely choose. We don’t accept the ecosystem masks and bravado, where everyone is “doing great”. It doesn’t result in optimum performance for ourselves or our businesses.

We believe we can do better. We can be better. And it all starts together.

Fuelled by founders, for founders, our family is all about solving problems together, supporting each other and learning deeply from each others’ experiences with humility.

There’s no dog-eat-dog here. Founders in this family believe in fuelling others and get a healthy dose of being fuelled in return. We create safe spaces together so that we can have those tricky conversations about founderhood that you can’t have elsewhere.

We understand that startup growth means individual growth too – even it is  uncomfortable at times – and have each other to lean on en-route.  Together we create a safe, confidential community space for real support, that drives long-term performance.

By cracking this together, as an ecosystem, then more founders succeed, more startups success, and that delivers returns for all.

Are you a 3Sixty Founder? Join in and let’s change our world.

Our community

The who and the how

This family is for those founders who are embarking on scalable ventures. We span early-stage to Series B, thanks to our careful group curation that delivers the most relevant and personalised support for all stages. Bootstrapped or venture backed – we don’t mind – there’s so much to learn from each other.

There is plenty of support out there for how to launch a startup, so we focus on those who are in it already. Everyone in the family is a full-time founder – with our research-led founders juggling this with a PhD, and a few grafters living the portfolio-life to make ends meet.  Either way you’re in it and likely been so for a while. 

In our FounderCircles and founder-only intimate events you’ll find a very different vibe. We’re together to share with humility, listen curiously and support compassionately. Always without judgement and often with a laugh.

We don’t tell. We don’t boast. We share experiences so we can all learn and we celebrate wins so that we can all remember that we’re making progress – each in our own way. 

Compassionate challenge is always encouraged – as it opens up fresh perspectives and unlocks new solutions. Our sessions always have a founder-coach on-side too, to faciliate and lead a deep-dive if a challenge demands it – making sure our safe spaces stay safe for everyone involved.  

To support this vibe we live by our family house rules.