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Help us create a research-backed roadmap for founder resilience that fuels founders to perform sustainably from pre-launch to exit

We all know the entrepreneurial journey can be a tough ride and 92% of founders list resilience as the number 1 requirement for entrepreneurship. Yet how to be resilient remains somewhat of an enigma. 

A better understanding of founder pressure and resilience can pave the way for fuelling founders across all stages of the startup lifecycle. We want to uncover what makes the founder-leadership role so demanding; understand what makes one founder more resilient than another; and identify the factors that make a positive difference to founder resilience. By answering these questions and more, we can help founders to be resilient and perform sustainably, and that’s something that will drive a healthier startup ecosystem for us all.

With your help, we can change our ecosystem for the better. 

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Phase 1: We know being a founder is a uniquely challenging leadership role, but what makes it so and what do founders through the startup stages do to fuel their resilience and perform at their best?
Phase 1: As our ecosystem supports young emerging founders starting on their journey, how do we help them do this with the skills and habits that will fuel them to be sustainable and healthy for the rollercoaster ride?
Phase 2: The journey from startup to scaleup is paved with innumerable challenges. By mapping out the psychological and leadership challenges across the stages we can build a toolkit of FounderFuel.


The Imperial Enterprise Lab at Imperial College London and weare3Sixty are conducting research to better understand founder resilience. The aim is to inform what action education institutions, leaders and policy-makers can take to help improve the UK’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to support founders and entrepreneurs to be resilient and navigate the pressures of starting and scaling their businesses.

The study, across two phases, incorporates quantitative insights from primary data and questionaires, along with qualitative insights from interviews. The initial report release will look at how we can support early-stage founders starting out in their journey, with recommendations for education-policy and entrepreneurship centres. Further releases will look at resilience through the lifecycle of a startup and build a toolkit of fuel for founders.

Founders, please contribute your insights: 

Understanding the pressures

Identifying sustainable performance habits

Building a FounderFuel toolkit

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