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Our mission is to fuel entrepreneurs to be their best, most effective high-performing selves.

Our unique founder-performance programme uses a combination of workshops, coaching and sprints to enable entrepreneurs and startups to maximise their full potential without sacrificing wellbeing. We partner with accelerators, incubators, VCs and teams that believe in supporting the whole founder for sustainable business growth, plugging in the human-side of entrepreneurship to complement existing programmes of support.
Our training and coaching builds more resilient and emotionally-intelligent leaders who are armed for the future and ultimately healthier too. If this sounds valuable to you and your cohort let’s chat about what a solution could look like for you.
Entrepreneur resilience

Failure and how we can bounce forward with a positive perspective

Entrepreneur wellbeing

The science behind performance and how to perform under pressure

Entrepreneur productivity

Goals and accountability for founder focus and productivity

Startup team dynamics

Understanding personality types & strengths for effective teams

Startup team communications

Unlocking effective communication, feedback and conflict resolution

High-performing team leadership

Building advanced EQ skills to lead a highly empowered startup team

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founder family

"Our founders are now sharing and supporting each other. They no longer feel alone. This is one of the best and most impactful results we could have ever hoped for for the success of our startups"

"Our founders need to prioritise and safeguard their energy and wellbeing, and build this into the culture of the company - making it okay for their teams to follow suit - if they’re to successfully run (and ultimately win), the race."

"The personal stakes are high. One’s self-identity so often becomes wrapped up in the success of the startup. That's why this support matters."

"We are committed to giving our entrepreneurs the best chance at riding the startup rollercoaster. Investing in these founder skills with weare3Sixty has been an opportunity to take this to the next level. Ultimately it is all about investing in the individual to increase their effectiveness as a startup leader and as an entrepreneur"

"Such a valuable addition to the startup landscape for accelerators"

Solutions for your  founders

Understand the strengths and wellbeing of your founders and see the positive development of your cohort over time.

Fuelling founders to be their best, most high-performing selves requires a multi-dimensional perspective. We take the heavy-lifting out of that with our founder performance programme. By working to understand your founders we can design the optimum training and coaching solution for you that will help your founder cohort develop and shine.
Get in touch to chat about designing the optimum solution for your founders.

Developing your founders into high performing startup leaders

Working in partnership with RocheMartin, the world-leaders in leadership EQ, we provide your founders with their own Emotional Capital Report (ECR) that systematically explores the EQ competencies that fuel high-performing leaders. We combine this with our Entrepreneur-ECR coaching session to build a personal plan with practical strategies for developing their leadership potential.

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The 2019 Entrepreneur Pressure & Wellbeing Study

As seen in The Sunday Times and Courier, founders…

say running a business has affected their mental health 0
say running a business has affected their physical health 0
say running a business is lonely 0
are struggling with their sleep 0
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The results of the first ever study of founder wellbeing and performance are in, but with more than 4 million founders across the world, we are only just beginning to understand what fuels founders to achieve their best and perform at their peak.
Want in? Dive into the report and see what we can all do to fuel founders together.

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