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Fuel your founders

Invest in the people behind the startups and we can create healthier returns for all

Being a founder is a tough and unique journey – one paved with exhilarating highs, challenging growing-pains and a steep learning curve. Never is this more true than as the team starts to scale. It takes its toll on the people behind the business and that hampers performance. What makes it worse is that most founders think they’re the only ones struggling too. 

As an ecosystem, we can do better. 

We’re building more resilient and emotionally-intelligent founders, who are armed for the scaling joruney and ultimately healthier too. We partner with the forward-thinking investors, accelerators and incubators that want to make that happen. If this sounds valuable to you and your portfolio let’s chat about what a solution could look like. 

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Group-coaching for scaling founders

Peer-group coaching is an affordable and effective way to accelerate growth and shared learning across your portfolio of founders, but setting them up and keeping them going can be hard. Our group-coaching FounderCircle® method takes out all the heavy-lifting and is proven to deliver results. 

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Coaching clinics for founder support

Respond to tricky market conditions by providing on-demand coaching clinics for your founders and startup teams. Our CoachSOS process let’s them work it through with an experienced founder-coach. They simply click, call and we help them smash through their challenge.

Founder to CEO scaleup coaching

Empowering founder growth and sustainable behaviour change with our individual leadership coaching for founders and the exec team.

Leadership diagnostics

Kick-start leadership development with our Entrepreneurship-ECR psychometric – delivered in partnership with the world leaders in the behaviours of high-performing leaders.

Training for founders

Workshops, interactive training and experiential events to fuel your founders to perform at their best as resilient, high-performing startup and scaleup leaders.

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Understanding founders

Industry level insights driven by thousands of hours at the sides of our founders

We made it our mission to fuel founders to perform, and to breakdown the barriers that stand in their way. Thousands of hours at the side of founders has informed our founder performance programme, and it continues to iterate and evolve driven by new insights every month.  This unique anonymised dataset can inform how you fuel your founders too and help us design the optimum training and coaching solution that will help your founder cohort develop and shine.

Get in touch to chat about designing the optimum solution for your founders.

Driven by the data

The Entrepreneur Pressure & Wellbeing Research

As seen in The Sunday Times and Courier Magzine, founders…

say running a business has affected their mental health
say running a business has affected their physical health
say running a business is lonely
are struggling with their sleep

The results of the first ever study of founder wellbeing and performance came in and they do not make for light reading. That’s why we set out to do something about it and now we have hundreds of founders meeting monthly for coaching and peer-to-peer support. But this is just beginning. Want to help? Dive into the report and see what we can all do to fuel founders together.