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Fuelling entrepreneurs to be their best, most effective selves

Our unique founder-performance programme uses a combination of training and coaching to build more resilient and emotionally-intelligent founders and startup leaders, who are armed for the future and ultimately healthier too. We partner with accelerators, incubators, and investment partners who, like us,  believe in supporting the humans behind the businesses for sustainable business growth – plugging in the human-side of business support to complement your existing programmes. If this sounds valuable to you and your cohort let’s chat about what a solution could look like for you. 


Empowering founder and startup leader growth and sustainable behaviour change with individual and startup team coaching. 


Fuelling founders and startup teams to perform at their best as resilient, high-performing startup leaders, without killing wellbeing. 

The peer-to-peer group-coaching designed to support and scale your founders

Peer-to-peer groups are an invaluable way to accelerate growth and knowledge between your founders, but setting them up and keeping them going can be hard. Our group-coaching FounderCircle® method takes out all the heavy-lifting and is proven to deliver results. 

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Understanding founders

Industry level insights driven by thousands of hours at the sides of our founders

We made it our mission to fuel founders to perform, and to breakdown the barriers that stand in their way. Thousands of hours at the side of founders has informed our founder performance programme, and it continues to iterate and evolve driven by new insights every month.  This unique anonymised dataset can inform how you fuel your founders too and help us design the optimum training and coaching solution that will help your founder cohort develop and shine.

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Developing your founders into high performing startup leaders

Working in partnership with RocheMartin, the world-leaders in leadership EQ skills, we provide your founders with their own Emotional Capital Report (ECR) that systematically explores the EQ competencies that fuel high-performing leaders. We combine this with our Entrepreneur-ECR coaching session to build a personal plan with practical strategies for developing their leadership potential as a startup leader.

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The Entrepreneur Pressure & Wellbeing Study

As seen in The Sunday Times and Courier, founders…

say running a business has affected their mental health
say running a business has affected their physical health
say running a business is lonely
are struggling with their sleep

Get the full report .

The results of the first ever study of founder wellbeing and performance are in, but with more than 4 million founders across the world, we are only just beginning to understand what fuels founders to achieve their best and perform at their peak. Want in? Dive into the report and see what we can all do to fuel founders together.

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