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Fuel your potential

Discover and develop the leadership competencies to fuel you as a founder for this next stage of growth

What makes a team motivated and inspired to perform for you as a founder? What leadership behaviours bring the best out of your team? What factors can improve a founder’s ability to adapt, pivot and make decisions in a crisis? Ten emotional intelligence leadership competencies sit behind these high-performing behaviours and more. Our unique work with entrepreneurs is dedicated to helping you fuel yours.

Working in partnership with RocheMartin, the world-leaders in leadership EQ, we provide you with your own Emotional Capital Report (ECR) that systematically explores the different EQ competencies that fuel high-performing leaders. We combine this with your Entrepreneur-ECR coaching session to explore the unique challenges of leading a high-growth team and guide you in building a personal plan with practical strategies for developing your potential and supporting growth.

Let’s discover your startup leadership superpowers

Backed by data

The ECR uses field-tested psychometrics, giving you a bespoke data-led perspective on your strengths and development areas as a leader

Driving performance

Your report benchmarks results against a database of 10,000 high-performing global leaders which provides clear building-blocks for your development

Actionable strategies

Your ECR coaching session enables you to explore the competencies and build actionable strategies to develop your potential as an entrepreneurial leader

"I got real value from the Entrepreneur-ECR coaching, which is very rare. I find most coaching to be more emotional support than actual concrete feedback - but this proved me wrong"


of what sets high-performers apart from peers with similar technical skills and knowledge is rooted in EQ

What's included

Package pricing

The ECR packages all include your personal 20 page EQ leadership report and a coaching with one of our ECR-trained founder-coaches who’ll work with you to explore the feedback and design your individual leadership action plan


per person + VAT

For your ECR package with one coaching session


per person + VAT

For your ECR package with two coaching sessions

How it works


ECR Set up

Once you submit your order, we’ll arrange access to the ECR psychometric tool and send you a unique URL so you can take the test


Take the test

The ECR questionnaire takes just 10 minutes and comprises of a series of one-click questions. All you need to do is find a quiet space to complete it.


Coaching time

At a mutually convenient time you’ll meet with an ECR-trained coach either face-to-face or online to explore your report results and build your bespoke plan.

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more about how it works, what we do, or how this has helped other founders? Let’s do a call and we can chat all about it. It’s a great way for us to get to know you too.

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