Founder coaching

for developing and growing on the scaling journey

Fuelling you

Coaching designed to fuel you as founder to perform at your best as a startup leader

The unique pace of change in a growing startup requires everyone in the team to flex and develop at pace too. This steep learning curve puts huge pressure on you as a founder, and on those in your leadership team, and it holds back performance.

To thrive, we need to focus on sustainable performance and work on the leadership skills that will inspire others to be part of the journey. Our individual coaching is designed to accelerate this leadership development, and build a sustainable engine for you on the scaling journey too. 

In our founder-coaching team you’ll find highly-trained accredited coaches who can support and challenge you on this journey.  As a team, we have thousands of hours with founders and startup leaders, and most of us have been founders too, because we believe that in this space lived-experience actually does matter. 

There’s hundreds of other founders in the weare3Sixty founder coaching-family too, so when you join us for coaching you’ll find a supportive, founder family to share with and learn from.

Sustainable founder performance coaching

As the business scales you need to scale too, but you can’t create more time in the day so we need a new perspective on your performance. This coaching explores the habits and behaviours that will fuel your sustainable performance & wellbeing.

Founder to CEO leadership coaching

Scaling startups demand an agile leadership skillset, so to stay at the front you need to scale too. This coaching explores the skills and behaviours that you need to develop as you transition from founder to C-Suite and helps you navigate the behaviour changes required.

Your leadership superpowers

Bring some data-driven rigour to your leadership development with our Entrepreneurship-ECR psychometric – delivered in partnership with the world leaders in the behaviour of high-performing leaders.

co-founder coaching

Being in a co-founder relationship is more akin to marriage than anything else and at times it needs a little bit of love too. Our co-founder coaching gets you communicating and in-tune for the long-haul.

Coaching for your exec team

For scaling, your leadership team needs to develop as a unit too. Without growing together, it’s easy to find yourselves growing apart. Unlock your team potential with our exec team coaching.

Say hello to your founder-coaching team


Entrepreneur coach & psychotherapist.


Founder coach, trainer & FounderCircle coach


COO & FounderCircle coach. Health and wellbeing entrepreneur.


Leadership trainer, coach & FounderCircle coach


On-demand Startup & Scaleup Chief of People, Executive Leadership Coach

Let’s do a call

Whether you’re embarking on a new growth phase or struggling with something right now, coaching can help break through the road-blocks and empower you to find the way ahead.

We understand that it’s all about chemistry when it comes to choosing a coach to work with so let’s have a quick call to find out more about each other.

Our entrepreneur coaching approach unlocks clarity on what success looks like for you and your team. We’ll work with you to identify chunky ambitious goals, build a credible path to get there and support you in breaking down the behavioural barriers along the way.

Working with a coach has been shown to increase performance, improve confidence, improve relationships and increase team effectiveness. Our focus is to work with you to drive the effective change you want individually or as a team and make it long lasting and sustainable.

With us you can:

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