CTO coaching

for startup and scaleup CTOs and engineering leads

Growing as a CTO

Coaching designed to accelerate your development as a CTO

The role of a CTO changes multiple times as you scale your start-up and this means that you are constantly navigating complexity and change. In a tech start-up you are often leading the largest team and so encounter many scaling challenges before the rest of the C-Suite and have a unique set of challenges to address.
While this is often exciting and rewarding, it can also be stressful and lonely. Knowing who to turn to for advice and support might be hard.

Working with a coach is a pragmatic and effective way to tackle the challenges and stresses of your role. Coaching will help you navigate change, build your confidence, accelerate your learning and development and support you in achieving your goals.

Accelerate development as a technical leader

Manage change and growth effectively

Develop practical applicable action plans

Meet Joel

our CTO coach

Joel works soley with startup and scaleup CTOs to support them to successfully grow in their role as their team and company evolves. He focuses on supporting CTOs to accelerate their development and become the leaders that they want to be.
Joel knows first-hand what it’s like in the scaling CTO role: Prior to becoming a CTO Coach Joel was the CTO and COO at FutureLearn, and the CTO at Unmade and at Econsultancy and so has experience of leading engineering and being part of the C-Suite at start-ups and scaleups in a range of industries. With this experience he brings a wealth of technical knwoledge and practical approaches to his coaching too.

How it works


Set up call

Arrange a complementary call with Joel so that he can understand what you’d like to acheive through coaching and you can both test out that all-important chemistry


Agree a plan

Based on your discussions Joel will recommend a coaching package for you – sessions are usually every two weeks over a number of months to help you acheive your goals.


Coaching plan

Your first session will work deeply on the outcomes that you want to achieve and through the sessions you can build the skills and break down the roadblocks to get there.

Find out more

To discuss your unique situation and explore different options with Joel schedule a call with him