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for startup & scaleup co-founders

Co-founder relationship fuel

Optimising your co-founder relationship so your company can thrive

You’ve had the idea, raised the money, launched your company, laid out the customer journey and hired a team. A huge amount of energy, effort and time together has been dedicated to turning your vision into a reality and to mitigate the risk of failure.

Yet how much time have you spent on developing your co-founder relationship? This is crucial, yet often over-looked, as the quality of your co-founder relationship is seen as one of the biggest determiners of whether your company will succeed or fail.

In order for your relationship to thrive we offer specialised co-founder coaching around roles, responsibilities, vision and strategy alignment that crucially builds co-founder communication skills too. We will look at decision-making, having difficult conversations, giving feedback to each other and turning conflict into something generative rather than destructive.

Building co-founder understanding

A dedicated space away from the day-to-day to develop greater awareness of each other’s strengths, communication styles and stress patterns, to clarify roles and responsibilities and to ensure you can work well together for the benefit of your team.

Towards your Founders Agreement

As part of the process, we’ll help you create your “founders agreement” that lays out your vision and values, what you both bring to the partnership, how you both commit to behave towards each other, as well as what you will do if things go wrong.

With an accredited coach & mediator

Our co-founder coaching is led by Sanja who is an experienced co-founder coach and also a trained mediator. She will partner with you over a period of time to ensure your partnership becomes as strong as possible.

What's included

Package pricing

The package that is right for you will depend on your situation. Book an initial call with Sanja to explore more.


Starting from



How it works


Set up call

Arrange a complementary call so that we can understand what you would like to achieve as a co-founder team


Individual sessions

Kick off with individual coaching sessions that will help create alignment during the co-founder coaching


Joint sessions

Joint-coaching then kicks off with a half day session designed to address and build on your co-founder relationship

Find out more

To discuss your aspirations as a co-founding team and explore different approaches schedule a call with our co-founder coach Sanja