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We fuel founders and their team talent with the knowledge, support and tools to scale themselves alongside their scaling businesses. We work directly with founders and also plug-in our human-centric support for our forward-thinking partners too.

We're on a mission to make sure that every founder on the growth journey has the support and skills to thrive as resilient, high-performing startup leaders

With nine out of ten founders showing signs of mental health strain and 78% saying they feel lonely on the startup to scaleup rollercoaster, we have a responsibility as an ecosystem to positively shift the needle. These stats do not drive effective human or business performance. We set out to do something about it.

Now we have hundreds of founders and startup leaders who meet every month from across the world to support and fuel each other in safe coaching spaces. They’re solving problems together, supporting each other and learning deeply from each others’ experiences. This creates a safe, confidential community space for real support, that drives long-term performance.

By cracking this together, as an ecosystem, then more founders succeed, more startups success, and that delivers returns for all.

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Our driver

Our Story

Operate for 10 hours a day, every day, for over two years bouncing off the red-line of stress and urgency and eventually your body tells you enough is enough. That telling came in the form of post-traumatic-stress reactions for weare3Sixty co-founder Christina. In short, the brain had rewired to think almost everything was a fight-or-flight situation and as a result a heart-racing, stomach-churning, panic-style reaction could happen at any time. Eating your breakfast, walking the dog, just answering an email. It is debilitating. It is incapacitating. Functioning as a highly effective, efficient leader of an award-winning tech-startup just stopped.

That’s just one story. We’ve now heard hundreds more.

By sharing this one story with other founders it became clear that everyone was suffering in silence in one way or another – stories of complete burn out, anxiety, panic attacks, impostor syndrome – all openly shared by just one story being shared first. Yet everyone felt they were the only one. 

Until now.

weare3Sixty is founded and fuelled by a passionate team eager to put a stop to this silence, now and in the future, so that founders thrive, not just survive, on the rollercoaster that is startup and scaleup life. We do this by opening up the conversation; through our startup leadership training; and by creating the all-important community support-structure with our FounderCircles®.

Our vision

Our Mission

We’re here to empower entrepreneurs on the rollercoaster startup-to-scaleup journey that we all bravely choose. It’s a journey filled with exhilarating highs and anxiety-inducing lows, yet there’s far too many still navigating this journey feeling alone, despite the size of the industry and breadth of business support available. We don’t accept the status quo of masks and bravado, where everyone is “doing great”. It doesn’t result in optimum performance for ourselves or our businesses.

We believe we can do better. We can be better. And it all starts together.

There’s no dog-eat-dog here. Founders in this family believe in the power of peers to unlock potential in ourselves and our ecosystem. We believe that investing in the individual is key to unlocking startup and scaleup success and passionately believe that growth means growing ourselves too and seek out the tools and coaching we need to be our best, most-effective, high-performing selves.

In the future, there’ll be no need for our mission: We won’t need to talk about supporting each other, or talking in safe spaces about our experiences. It will be mainstream. For the good of the whole.

Let’s change our world together: If you’re founder ready for this family – join in hereIf you’re a forward-thinking ecosystem builder find out more here

Brought to life by

In our founder-coaching team you’ll find highly-trained accredited coaches who believe in transforming the startup ecosystem for the better. As a team, we have thousands of hours with founders and startup leaders, and most of us have been founders too, because we believe that in this space lived-experience actually does matter.

Christina Richardson

Founder and firestarter. Entrepreneur, trainer & coach.

Sanja Moll

Entrepreneur trainer and coach.

Nova Cobban

Entrepreneur coach & psychotherapist.

Joel Chippindale

CTO Coach and group-coach for startup and scaleup CTOs

Rachel Stockey

Founder coach, group coach and trainer

Clare Neil

Head of Client Services. Coach. Health and wellbeing entrepreneur.

Naomi Partridge

Leadership trainer and coach.

Caroline Rae

Coach, Trainer & Group Coach.

Geraldine Butler-Wright

On-demand Startup & Scaleup Chief of People, Executive Leadership Coach

Carly Webb

Advisory Board. Psychotherapist & counsellor.

Paddy Willis

Advisory board. Partner. Entrepreneur.

Richard Blakesley

Advisory board and entrepreneur.

Simon Hulme

Advisory board. Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship Programme Director at UCL

Angela Keane

Coaching advisory board. Trainer and coach


Frazzled founder care & wellbeing walk specialist.

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Driven by the data

The Entrepreneur Pressure & Wellbeing Research

As seen in The Sunday Times and Courier magazine, founders…

say running a business has affected their mental health
say running a business has affected their physical health
say running a business is lonely
are struggling with their sleep

The results of the first ever study of founder wellbeing and performance came in and they do not make for light reading. That’s why we set out to do something about it and now we have hundreds of founders meeting monthly for coaching and peer-to-peer support. But this is just beginning. Want to help? Dive into the report and see what we can all do to fuel founders together.

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