Founder Fuel Live - Laura Penhaul

FounderFuel LIVE with two-time world record holder Laura Penhaul

How can we form teams that can really deliver under pressure? How can we deal with uncertainty as founders to lead the team when it really matters? What team behaviours drive a team to be truly effective? And… What do you do if you and your small team were in the middle of the Pacific, unsupported and you discover a fire in the boat?

These questions and many more were explored with world-record holder Laura Penhaul during our FounderFuel LIVE session with her, to understand more about team dynamics and how values and team behaviours really matter in high-performing teams.

Laura Penhaul is the initiator and Team Leader of the Coxless Crew who set two world records in January 2016 by rowing unsupported across the Pacific with three other women. Covering 9,000nm, it took 9 months to complete and 4 years to prepare for. This remarkable expedition was captured in the Netflix documentary “Losing Sight of Shore”.

On this journey she learned a lot about team formation, team dynamics and how to set up the effective communications and behaviours that allow teams to succeed together.

Dive into team dynamics and communication with Laura and Christina here:

weare3Sixty in conversation with world-record holder Laura Penhaul


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