Tech Nation boosts founder resilience by launching FounderCircles with weare3Sixty

weare3sixty and Tech Nation have today announced that monthly FounderCircles from weare3Sixty will become part of the Applied AI programme and the FinTech programme this winter.

The FounderCircles, which will be facilitated by weare3sixty entrepreneur-focused coaches, are designed to give founders the skills and peer-support required for the rollercoaster ride of running and scaling a startup. Despite the often-glamorised image of entrepreneurship, the reality is very different. In fact, eight out of ten founders often feeling lonely in their role. So these group-coaching sessions are designed to reverse this, as well as solve live challenges for founders, utilising peer-to-peer coaching methods that tap into the collection power of the group.

The sessions will be held monthly for each cohort over six months, with the same group meeting each time to build a rapport and ongoing support. In the groups they’ll explore themes such as entrepreneur resilience, founder wellbeing, team dynamics and team communication as a way to invest in the leadership skills of these high-potential startups.

The partnership comes off the back of a successful pilot project with Tech Nation’s Upscale programme in September 2020. As part of the partnership with the Tech Nation Applied AI and FinTech teams, over sixty new founders will join the weare3sixty FounderCircle coaching community from the end of 2020 and the start of 2021.

Harry Rhys Davies from Tech Nation said: So many UK founders are at high risk of burnout and stress, yet there’s little practical and actionable advice specifically appropriate for founders and their teams. That’s why we’re partnering with weare3Sixty on these two programmes, and it’s especially important right now given the increase pressures of Covid-19.

Our hope with this partnership is that we can bring our founders together to help each other and place entrepreneur resilience on the same level as other topics we cover at Tech Nation.

Entrepreneurship for many is the most exciting, yet most daunting journey, by bringing people on the same journey together, we aim to create a group of individuals who aren’t just together through the highs, but also have the skills and support on hand through some of the lows too.”

Christina Richardson, coach and founder of weare3sixty added: “We are so pleased to be launching our FounderCircle group-coaching as part of the Tech Nation Applied AI and Fintech programmes. It is the humans behind the startups that drive results, and investing in FounderCircles as part of these highly-respected UK programmes is a real reflection of this.

The overarching mission of weare3sixty and Tech Nation is to help create a new generation of resilient entrepreneurs.

With nine out of ten entrepreneurs showing signs of mental health strain, this mission is more time sensitive than ever.

Our FounderCircles enable entrepreneurs to come together in a safe-coaching space to discuss and solve some of their most pressing issues together. They bring the big questions they need to crack to the group and capitalise on the wealth of knowledge available from their peers. There is no bravado in these sessions, just the support of their fellow founders and a trained startup coach.”

Written by Christina Richardson, founder at weare3Sixty
Founder coach & trainer | Startup exec-team coach | FounderCircle® creator & head-coach. Passionate about sustainable founder performance, wellbeing and the leadership transition from founder to C-suite.

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