FounderSprint: Take control of startup stress & pressure to perform better

NEXT DATE COMING IN THE NEW YEARThe journey of starting up and scaling up can be a real rollercoaster ride, with exhilarating highs and anxiety-inducing lows. In this fast-paced startup ecosystem the pressure can really start to add up – it impacts your wellbeing as a founder, and the health of your startup. Can stress and pressure really harm your startup? Unfortunately, yes. When your body kicks into fight-flight-freeze mode it impacts your physical, emotional and mental capabilities; limiting decision-making and compromising that problem-solving ability that we all depend on so much as entrepreneurs.

It’s tough to perform at our best with this kind of pressure, so what makes us stressed? What is actually happening in the brain? And how can we take back control?In this FounderSprint: We’ll look at the neuroscience of stress and you’ll be trained to take back control. Our goal is to help you be at your best, even during times of uncertainty and change.Your outcome: You will leave with a greater insight into how you experience stress, what you can do to control it, and how to harness pressure to help you perform.These training sessions are only suitable for founders, entrepreneurs and those running businesses. This enables the group to explore the unique challenges of startup leadership in a safe and supportive space.BOOKING LINK COMING SOON


About FounderSprint

FounderSprints are bite-sized modules from the weare3Sixty Founder Performance Programme delivered for accelerator and VC cohorts across London. They are not events. They are interactive, results-oriented training interventions designed to fuel founders and entrepreneurs to get the best from themselves and those around them. 


These monthly open FounderSprints are made possible and accessible thanks to the support of our venue-partner WeWorkLabs.


Join your fellow founders:

When you join a weare3Sixty FounderSprint you’re joining a community of founders passionate about investing in their own human potential to perform, without killing wellbeing. You’ll build the toolkit to help yourself, and to help support each other along the way. Come join us. One founder at a time, we’re redesigning the entrepreneurial ecosystem to be happier, healthier and more effective as a whole.


Once you’re in the weare3Sixty family you get early-bird deals for future Sprints too.


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