Make it your business to avoid burnout by the Daily Telegraph

Co-founder Christina was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph this week to offer advice to small-business owners so that they can keep on top of the stress and overwhelm of being an entrepreneur, and ultimately avoid burnout. Business journalist Matt Caines wrote of their discussion:

“On a day-to-day level, owners must get on top of their “monstrous” to-do lists, says Christina Richardson of weare3Sixty, an entrepreneur training and [coaching] firm. “Time is a fixed resource, so the job becomes one of ruthless focus and prioritisation.” The founder suggests allocating a morning slot (such as 9.30am to 11am) to do that day’s “biggest, most important and ugliest” job. Not only are you more likely to get it done, but it delivers “a strong sense of achievement and momentum” before midday.She also recommends taking moments to breathe. “When you change between tasks, spend two minutes to focus on breathing deep into your belly,” she says. You will be more calm and can “tackle the next job with renewed energy” 

These two simple tips are some of the many practical ideas included in our Founder-Performance model which we offer training and coaching around. Find our more here.

A huge thank you to Matt for including weare3Sixty in the article. To read the full piece head over here.

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