Featured in Sifted: Safe Spaces for Founders

Amy Lewin of Sifted – the new media site for startups and innovators, backed by the FT – investigated the safe spaces that entrepreneurs and founders need and use to juggle the entrepreneurial roller coaster. We were able to provide some of our early-release results from our Entrepreneur Pressure and Wellbeing Study, and Amy shed light on the weare3Sixty mission to help founders be their best, most effective selves.

Get a taster below:

Safe spaces across the city

Last year, serial founder Christina Richardson interviewed hundreds of founders. “I was fairly shocked to find that every single person used the word lonely,” she says. “Emotional loneliness is hugely driven by the ecosystem in which we have to operate, and almost all of them were able to reference symptoms that are identifiers leading to more serious mental health problems, like sleeplessness, anxiety and feeling down.”

77% of founders say running a business has affected their mental health

Following the survey, Richardson set up weare3Sixty, an organisation working to improve founder wellbeing.“The ecosystem is a very bravado-y place, because it has to be,” says Richardson. Influencers, investors and entrepreneurs “have to look like we know what we’re doing”, despite often feeling like “we haven’t got a clue what we’re doing”.

Nearly 60% of the founders Richardson surveyed suffered from impostor syndrome. “You can see how the bravado really does have such a massive knock-on effect — it makes everybody else feel like they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.” 86% of those surveyed said they’d feel better if they knew that other founders had similar experiences.

Have a read of the full piece here

A huge thank you to Amy for shining a much needed light on this topic and including us so fully. 

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