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A Special Report on founder-wellbeing was released today by Courier Magazine, and will be featured both online and in-print. Working with Senior Reporter Sarah Drumm from the very inception of this deep-dive report we were able to provide exclusive early-release results from our Entrepreneur Pressure and Wellbeing Study, as well as shed light on the weare3Sixty mission to help founders be their best, most effective selves.Get a taster below:

The scale of the problem

More people than ever are entering the world of startup. In the US, 63% of people in their 20s either own their own business or would like to. It’s also no secret that running a business is difficult: half of all businesses fail within the first five years. We Are 3Sixty, a founder-led community focused on entrepreneurial wellbeing, surveyed over 270 founders in the UK about their mental heath. The underlying conclusion is that entrepreneurs are suffering in silence. In figures We are 3Sixty exclusively shared with Courier, the survey found that 78% of founders say that running a business has negatively impacted their mental health. Nearly 70% report feeling depressed; 55% say they are burnt out; 50% experience anxiety and panic attacks; and 68% say they struggle with their sleep – a symptom often seen as a precursor to mental illness. 

The results paint a stark picture. Everyone in the ecosystem needs to ask themselves what can we do to address the human side of entrepreneurship.  If we can support entrepreneurs to be better leaders, to be resilient, to be their best, most effective selves, then we create better, stronger startups too.

weare3sixty co-founder Christina, interviewed by courier magazine

To explain why it’s so important to support founders holistically – not just financially – several founders liken learning to lead a business to an athlete training for the Olympics. ‘If I think about the level of support I had as a national level, amateur rower: we had conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists. We didn’t have psychologists, but that wouldn’t be unusual,’ Richardson explains. ‘All this support to get the very best performance out of an individual, both mentally and physically. What do entrepreneurs have? Nothing. Yet the individual is the single biggest asset in the business.’ 

You can read the Full Report here

A huge thank you to Sarah who was such fun to work with on this. 

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