Frazzled founder week at City LaunchLab inc puppies and a fire-side chat with Christina

The City LaunchLab startup incubator is a hot-bed of entrepreneur talent from past and present Cass Business School and City University students, and they are forward-thinking when it comes to founder-wellbeing. Each year they do a Frazzled-Founder week where the health and wellbeing of the people in the Lab are championed. It includes visits from puppies, massages and yoga; and this year, our co-founder Christina was invited along to do a fire-side chat on the warning signs of founder burn-out and how to perform a at your peak as a founder. 

It was amazing to see how open and honest our entrepreneurs were with each other over lunch after Christina’s talk. Finally they felt able to share doubts and concern with each other and support each other through the pressure of running their startups. We couldn’t have asked for a better result from the event.

Rebecca Sharp, Incubator Manager at City LaunchLab

 A huge thank you to the City LaunchLab team and Rebecca Sharp for inviting us to be part of their Frazzled Founder Week and including us in the Cass Business School news:

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