We want founders to thrive, not just survive, on this rollercoaster we call start-up life.

3Sixty founders believe that we thrive in business when we invest in ourselves and each other, and that’s what this is all about. Driven people, in business, looking out for one another. Refuelling, learning and empowering each other, for the good of the whole.
If that sounds like your kind of business ecosystem, then you’re in the right place. With 3Sixty you can join an action-oriented Circle* to problem-solve at pace with other founders. Or join one of our #FitFounder London runs to get a fresh perspective with other 3Sixty founders outdoors. Find out more below:

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We believe we can do better. We can be better. And it all starts together.

3Sixty founders believe in the power of peers to unlock potential in ourselves and our businesses. Join an action-oriented 3Sixty* Founder Circle to problem-solve at pace with a trusted group of other founders. Meeting every month with your peer group in a confidential setting we focus on learning, decision-making and problem-solving, allowing everyone to rise above the urgent, and focus on the important.
Are you a 3Sixty founder? If so, join in and let’s change our world.

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The world of 3Sixty is only just getting started.
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